Here’s where you can find the logos we’ve used for our debut, promotions, and events.

Fourth Anniversary – 17/05/2023
This eerie logo was created in celebration of us sharing our passion for palaeontology over the past four years, taking direct inspiration from Stranger Things. Logo by Harry T. Jones.
Third Anniversary – 17/05/2022
To celebrate our third anniversary of #UnlockingThePast, this design merged claw and toe elements of our original logo’s footprint with the number three. Thank you for joining us on the journey so far, we look forward to sharing more articles and new designs with you soon! Logo by Harry T. Jones.
Pioneers of the Past – 22/05/2021
This worn-looking variant commemorated our second anniversary by introducing another new series of articles. The logo incorporates sketches of Darwin’s finches, which famously played an important role in his theory of evolution by natural selection, and an ichthyosaur skull excavated by Mary Anning. Pioneers of the Past shines a spotlight on such people who have historically made significant contributions to palaeontology. Logo by Harry T. Jones.
Happy New Year 2021 – 31/12/2020
After a gruelling year largely overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this design was used to welcome in the new year, a time for hope and celebration in the face of what had been an incredibly difficult year for so many. Logo by Harry T. Jones.
Talking with… – 17/11/2020
Our next logo was designed to introduce a new series of articles headed up by J. D. Dixon, the interviews of which continue to showcase a range of special guests who work in different palaeontological fields. Our guests share their personal experiences and advice for budding palaeontologists. The logo mimics a recording booth like those used in radio interviews. Logo by Harry T. Jones.
Halloween 2020 – 02/10/2020
This spooky design was used to promote Adam Manning’s Everything Dark and Horrifying series of articles at Halloween 2020. It depicts a darkened version of our logo behind a pumpkin with some familiar-looking carvings, all encompassed by a menacing set of jaws. Logo by Harry T. Jones.
Ghostbusters/ProgPal 2019 Anniversary – 08/06/2020
Our first variant design was inspired by the famous Ghostbusters logo, commemorating 36 years since the original film’s release and marking one year since the Darwin’s Door team were ‘on call’ to help out at ProgPal 2019 during the event’s time at the University of Birmingham. Logo by Harry T. Jones.
Original – 17/05/2019
Created by our resident palaeoartist, Jack Wood, our main logo continues to greet those visiting our homepage. The footprint forms part of our website banner, illustrating an evolution of footprint morphologies through time. This original design is what has inspired subsequent logos.