Realising he had to write a third-person biography about himself, J. D. Dixon struggled to make it entertaining enough for you to enjoy reading . In short, he is a palaeobiology student at the University of Birmingham, with specific interests in investigating species diversity and biomechanics within the vertebrate realm. Determined to gain a PhD, he eventually wants to progress to further research work or museum curation. Deciding which path to take may be difficult though, given the appeal of both. Learning about palaeontology has always been his passion, and he feels that sharing knowledge through this blog is an amazing opportunity. Editing, writing, and posting articles will hopefully give you an interesting insight into his passion.

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Articles by J. D. Dixon
Sleeping Dinosaurs: The Hypsilophodon Bed of the Isle of Wight
Virtual Field and Museum Skills: Part 1
Istiodactylus latidens: The Confusing Carrion-Consumer
Crocuta crocuta spelaea: Laughing in the Face of Extinction
Placoderms: Knights of the Aquatic Table
The Jurassic Period
Amargasaurus cazaui: The Spiny Sauropod
Carnotaurus sastrei: The Short-Handed Sprinter
The Evolution of Cetaceans: A Whale of a Time
The Permian Period
Ursus spelaeus: The Bear Necessities
The Carboniferous Period
Chalicotherium goldfussi: The Miocene Giraffe
Styracosaurus albertensis: The Cretaceous Rhinoceros
National Museum Cardiff: A Review
The Lapworth Museum of Geology: A Review
Dinosaur Fight Club
Assynt and Skye 2019: A Palaeo Perspective
The Ordovician Period
The Skull of Erlikosaurus andrewsi and Understanding Therizinosaurs
Deinonychus antirrhopus: More Than A “Six Foot Turkey”
Progressive Palaeontology 2019 – Day Two
Progressive Palaeontology 2019 – Day One

Interviews by J. D. Dixon
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