Harry graduated in MSci Palaeobiology at the University of Birmingham in 2023. He is most interested in prehistoric vertebrates, particularly dinosaurs of the Mesozoic, and the evolution of life on Earth. Harry enjoys reading/watching media about the natural world, especially projects involving Sir David Attenborough, in a lifelong quest to quench his insatiable thirst for knowledge. While still getting to grips with the academic and professional worlds of palaeontology, Harry looks forward to one day completing a PhD and being involved in uncovering fossils in the field, as well as working with fossils in museums. In the meantime, he hopes he can entertain and enthral his readers with his articles on how palaeontology is still recognised in and is relevant to the modern world. Harry also enjoys putting new spins on the Darwin’s Door logo (see our gallery) in celebration of special events.

As well as writing and editing for Darwin’s Door, Harry was also the 2021-23 copy editor of UoB’s science magazine, SATNAV.

You can find Harry on Twitter.