Welcome to Darwin’s Door.

As a child, did you love dinosaurs? Maybe you still do? People are often fascinated with them. Pop culture and everyday media is saturated with images of ferocious beasts from times long ago. But what happens when you grow up? That fascination in the ancient past doesn’t always fade, at least, for us it didn’t.

We are a group of university students dedicated to exploring the many areas of our field, palaeontology. Our aim is to bring you a fresh take on scientific content in an understandable and entertaining way. If you’re new to the field, have studied it for years, or are just looking for an interesting read, our blog is designed for everyone.

New articles will be published every two weeks, and will fall into one of the subject pages as explained below. New articles can be found on the Feed and on their subject page.

We always welcome your opinion, just use the contact information on this page to get in touch with questions, suggestions and more.

We hope you enjoy reading.

Our Content
New page themes and their articles will become available at later dates, as and when the content is ready for publication.

Here we will post all the latest articles and announcements. Articles can also be found on their subject page.

This is where we will post our experiences of special events, conferences and fieldwork trips.

Evolution Revolution
Exploring the evolutionary leaps in life on Earth.

Articles related to all things palaeoart.

Species Profiles
A collection of files using the latest scientific research to introduce you to an array of prehistoric plants and animals. Everything you need to know about species you may be familiar with, and some you may not be.

Specimen Spotlights
Here we can examine specimens and samples that have been key in understanding the evolution and functions of life on Earth.

Time Tour
A trip through some of the most remarkable times in Earth’s History.

Original Palaeoart
A collection of original artworks by our very own Jack Wood.